In a world of increasingly fast paced change and developing technology, how do we ensure the foundations of CCTV are stable to allow us to take advantage of new opportunities?

CCTV remains essential to ensuring safe communities and there are very few crime investigations progressed now without it. In a world of ethical challenge, increased public protection needs, increased scrutiny, regulatory change and rapidly changing technology, how can you be sure we’ve got it right?

This conference will showcase the work the NPCC National CCTV working group have been doing to provide a better understanding of the strength of our CCTV foundations and where we need to focus our attention to be above reproach, protect ourselves and our public. We will show you the exciting innovations that are taking place across the world and how we can tap into these, the work needed to give ourselves the confidence in our ways of working and how we can strengthen our CCTV foundations.

We will show you what needs to be done to meet our Digital Strategies in line with the Statutory Forensic Regulators codes and how CCTV connects to these.

CCTV technology and legislation is constantly changing, we will demonstrate how we can future proof law enforcement techniques and procedures to keep up to date with the evolution of CCTV.

We are delighted to have representation at the event from the NPCC lead for CCTV, The Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner and the Forensic Sciences Regulator. There will be presentations on exciting research activity that is underway and updates from a range of partners and partnerships on project work and activity. 

There will also be workshops to delve into some of the key areas that need attention and panel discussions on key issues that are affecting all areas of law enforcement in the CCTV world, as well as some great networking opportunities and the chance to speak to some of the key exhibitors that are currently delivering CCTV services across law enforcement.