At Avada, we believe there is a better way to collect, process and share digital media. A smarter, faster and easier way, using secure platform technology rather than DVD/USB drives and existing traditional systems.

It could be sharing digital media/evidence between local government and an enforcement agency, a SAR from an individual or insurance company or the convergence of live video to a control room to manage a public event safely.

We're passionate about streamlining your work-flows, and our mission is to help you achieve better outcomes.

Veracity Systems Ltd have been providing vendor neutral command and control (PSIM) software solutions since 2001, offering clients 360-degree situational awareness for security, safety & operations. Unifying both new and legacy technologies. Veracity Systems can meet immediate requirements whilst adapting with emerging trends and incorporating new technologies from multiple vendors as required.


VIEWSCAPE™  is a truly open scalable software solution enabling clients to have more choice over the selection of technologies, allowing both competitive and best of breed choice rather than a necessary upgrade to a single manufacturers solution. This freedom of purchase capability generates additional savings downstream. Furthermore, the complexity of the deployment of hardware systems will be reduced as the upgrades can be phased to meet either budgetary or operational considerations without disruption to the day-to-day operations within security and operations control rooms.


VIEWSCAPE™  enables multiple elements of security, safety smart building and IOT technologies to interact to create cause and effect responses to incidents, providing operational staff with standard operating procedures (SOP) to deal with all incidents and alerts, incorporating detailed incident management, reports, KPI’s, analytics, alarm receiving and fault management.