Who we are

i2 continues to be a leading provider of intelligence analysis and investigation solutions for law enforcement, defence, national security and commercial organisations. With a global footprint of more than 4500 organisations in over 150 countries i2 customers rely on i2 Intelligence solutions to proactively Identify, prevent, predict and disrupt the world's most sophisticated criminal and terrorist threats.

Our history

i2 started the intelligence analysis revolution in Cambridge UK back in 1990 and continues to lead the industry in innovation within it’s portfolio. These solutions help analysts, detectives, investigators and leaders uncover hidden connections faster, enabling collaboration and delivering critical insight to the point of need when it’s most needed

The new dawn

Following 10 years of IBM ownership, January 1st 2022 saw the dawn of a new chapter for i2 with ownership transferring to the Harris Computer Corporation.  Harris are a global vertical market software provider and the full i2 intelligence analysis product portfolio, including the i2 Analyst's Notebook, i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) and i2 iBase platforms are now delivered and supported by the i2 team you know within a new standalone i2 Group.

New challenges, new innovation

Harris brings the investment and focus that i2 have needed, allowing it to bring new products and innovations to the market more quickly. New innovations deigned to drive performance, increase ROI, Reduce time to value and importantly help our customers tackle the problems they face every day with greater spped, efficiency and accuracy. These include:

  • More performant and capable releases of i2 Analyst's Notebook and i2 iBase
  • The new ‘connected i2 experience’ with i2 Analyst Notebook Premium
  • Analysis at enterprise scale with i2 EIA and it’s i2 Investigate Add On
  • True innovations in Analysis for the masses with i2 Notebook, our new web based visual link analysis application with its own SDK
  • …and many more


“Operational efficiency, intelligent insight and time to value have never been more critical for organizations than today. Our customers are dealing with increasingly more complex investigations under greater time and resource constraints.  The i2 group continues to address those needs by offering the most complete end-to-end intelligence analysis portfolio on the market" said Julian Midwinter, VP sales at i2 Group.


To find out more about these and other innovations, come and meet us at our stand or email david.scott@i2group.com to arrange a one-to-one chat and demonstration.