JTOL Limited is a consultant and re-seller of innovative intelligence solutions within the field of analytics, covert surveillance and leading-edge IT technologies.

GeoTime Desktop [GTD] and GeoTime Enterprise [GTE] are bespoke, data analysis solutions and the industries only 3D Mapping and Analysis tool for Law Enforcement. 

GTD and GTE are leading analytical technologies that enable Law Enforcement Analysts, Investigators and DMI’s to upload, visualise, analyse and quickly report on attributed data sets.

Import, merge and attribute multiple data sources; CDRs [with evidential auditing and auto import, normalisation and deduplication] (Inc. UK HO NCDS), Telematics [Berla], Phone downloads [Cellebrite, XRY], ANPR, GPS, Google Takeout, Facebook… With automated pattern analysis tools, finding meetings and locations of importance within seconds.

GTE takes agencies to another level with an Elastic Search backend, On-premise or Secure Hosted solutions and bulk, enterprise level importing of millions of rows of data, then allowing ‘Case to Cross Case’ analysis GeoTime Enterprise is an intuitive, easy to use web browser solution.

Chorus Intelligence is an award-winning international software company, providing law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge data search, cleansing and analysis tools. The Chorus Intelligence Suite (CIS) supports agencies in reengineering their digital investigations, providing them with the tools to confidently collect, combine and connect data and turn it into intelligence and evidence.  Founded in 2011, Chorus is used by over 80% of UK police forces, all counter-terrorism units and many government agencies. Our entire team are experts in their field. We combine ex-law enforcement Analysts, Investigators and open source specialists with software developers that major in police data. For more information visit: chorusintel.com  


With 40 years industry experience and a combined legacy of 180 years real-world operational experience, we pride ourselves in anticipating customer needs to provide the right solution for the right environment.

Formed 40 years ago to support our customers and partners in making the world a safer place.

It is the same reason which drives us to deliver the best today.

We are building unprecedented capabilities into a new generation of technical surveillance solutions to deliver fully interoperable, force-multiplying technology and real-time intelligence, built specifically to face the demands placed on the end user.

The critical role of intelligence mimics the critical role the IIS family can play for its users and community. From our beginnings in a police canteen eight years ago, to working with over 80% of UK law enforcement and security agencies, IIS have developed market leading tools and capabilities which have become vital to policing intelligence. Ensuring internet access is obfuscated, providing valuable tradecraft, emulating mobile devices, and capture capability, are all key elements for intelligence, and functionalities within Long Arm®. Training, of both technique and systems, are further vital cogs for intelligence professionals and Vestigo®, the IIS training arm can accommodate all your needs. Data plays a pivotal role in identifying insights, threat, risk and harm, and, in decision making. Collaboraite®, the latest member of the IIS family, will use human centred design, industry experts, machine learning and AI, to ensure you achieve the best outcomes from your data.

With billions of posts shared across dozens of platforms every single day, can you analyse social media data to respond to operational challenges, and uncover relevant and actionable information? COSAIN was specifically developed for this purpose.

This huge volume of data can be impossible to ingest and understand at scale. But by cutting through the noise, COSAIN helps you uncover the threat, risk and harm hidden in social media, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively.

COSAIN allows you to easily analyses a wide range of social media platforms and open data environments to surface and alert you to the information that matters most.

In fact, COSAIN was deployed to successfully to support COP26 in Glasgow – find us in the exhibition hall and we’ll tell you about how our platform significantly helped the policing of this major global event.

Or visit us to find out about our exciting, on-going development and our flexible new licencing options, as well as COSAIN’s:

Wide – and growing – range of data sources

Full training and account management

Open source and i3 tradecraft functionality

Strong user focus and intuitive UX

Decade plus of successful deployment in law enforcement

Securely hosted, development and support in the UK

COSAIN has a dedicated development team based in the UK, and they are continually improving the system based on real user feedback.

We also work closely with government and law enforcement agencies to help them get more from their operational and strategic data. By giving better access to reliable and accurate information, we’ll ensure you’re better informed and more effective

The Intellectual Property Office is the government agency responsible for patents, designs, Trade marks and copyright. The IPO Enforcement team supports holders of IP rights by aiming to reduce infringement of those rights by making public policy and operational interventions. Our current activity includes: a pilot of IP Crime Coordinator & Analyst posts within Trading Standards & ROCUs; managing the IP Crime Group: a public/private national coordination forum for tackling IP crime and infringement; and establishing a national centre of excellence for the development and analysis of intelligence. Intellectual property crime is serious, organised and international in scope. It causes harm to the UK economy, consumers and fuels other serious and organised criminality. Visit us at the exhibition area to learn about how we are working with our partners in government, industry and law enforcement to develop an intelligence-led, harm focussed, continuously improved approach to tackling IP crime and infringement.

Voyager Labs, a world leader in advanced AI-based investigation solutions, empowers organizations worldwide to gain deep investigative insights about entities, individuals, groups, and topics.

The company’s proprietary AI technology enables investigators to easily analyze massive amounts of intelligence information as well as open, deep, and dark web data, understand content and human interactions and find hidden or unknown connections and relationships.

Voyager Labs features 4 cloud-based platforms:

VoyagerCheck - Risk assessment platform designed to perform automated assessments at scale and identify potential risk in near real-time.

VoyagerAnalytics - Deep analysis platform designed to analyze massive amounts of unstructured data to uncover unknown connections and reveal actionable insights including content, influencers, and sentiments connected to a case.

VoyagerInsights - Central investigative platform designed to analyze any type of unstructured data, from any source, to automatically uncover hidden storylines accelerating investigations.

VoyagerVision - Visual intelligence platform turns visual data from any source, into actionable intelligence.

Reveal design and supply body worn cameras, evidence management software and investigation solutions to hundred of police forces globally, including over 70% of the UK police.


Reveal’s latest solutions include both retrospective and live facial recognition technology, which utilise cutting edge A.I to speed up investigations, protect frontline workers and improve crime detection rates