Since it was founded in 2013, Forensic Analytics has grown year on year to its current position as the market leader for digital forensics software in law enforcement in the UK, delivering critical solutions that transform the speed and efficiency of investigations, live cases, and prosecutions.

 Using intuitive interfaces, our solutions enable users to simplify and visualise complex data sets quickly, test hypotheses to instantly develop lines of enquiry and make swift operational decisions when time is of the essence.

 Law enforcement agencies are facing unprecedented growth in crime, 90% of which has a digital footprint.

 Forensic Analytics software – CSAS, CDAN Nexus and CellView – have a proven track record of driving efficiency and delivering investigative outcomes with UK law enforcement agencies.

 At a time when policing budgets have not kept pace with the growth in crime, CSAS software has been proven to pay for itself within 2.1 months of deployment. The economic value is therefore high.

 But Forensic Analytics is far from just a software provider. We are a trusted partner to police forces, supporting investigations through our consultation services, training officers across an extensive range of forensic analytic skills, and providing expert witness services.