Join us for the Professional Standards and Ethics Conference 2023

Improving Police Legitimacy by Delivering on an Enhanced Ethical and Professional Standards Framework

The professional standards and ethics disciplines across policing have experienced unprecedented operational demand over the last 12 months. Nevertheless, Professional Standards Directorates, together with their Anti or Counter Corruption Units, Force Vetting Units and Ethics Committees have all risen to the unrelenting operating environments. Tremendous efforts have been made to embed a refreshed regime that will empower an enhanced and decisive response to police complaints, discipline, corruption and vetting. We are already delivering against a new Vetting Code of Practice, and imminently the police service will have to embed and apply a new Authorised Professional Practice on both vetting and counter corruption whilst also adapting to any new regulatory framework arising from the eagerly awaited Home Office review of police dismissals. Simultaneously the revised Code of Ethics will launch with a Code of Practice that places a statutory requirement on Chief Officers to support ethical and professional behaviour within their forces. This annual conference will not only provide an update on the achievements across the sectors over the last year, but it will also set the path we need to take to ensure not only our own legitimacy but to guarantee that our communities can have trust and confidence in the police.

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