Prometheus specialises in the secure transportation and care of people with a range of mental health needs.

We provide a premium service with rapid response times, highly trained and compassionate staff and prestige vehicles that provide a safe and comfortable environment.
From long term contracts to ad-hoc moves, Prometheus offers a range of services to support NHS Trusts, CCGs and private hospitals.

We are renowned for our premium service, with guaranteed dispatch times within one hour, a ratio of four staff to one patient for section moves and a professional team that are highly trained and compassionate.

Our 24/7 call centre ensures that bookings are processed quickly and efficiently, and we take time to assess every patient and their individual needs to ensure we allocate a team with the right mix of skills and experience.

Patients are treated with empathy and respect and our highly equipped prestige vehicles ensure a comfortable, reassuring and safe journey for everyone involved.



PCC provide highly trained mental health nursing staff who are skilled in observation , de escalation and management intervention (DMI) and are all fully restraint trained in line with bild accredited which is highly respected to ensure the upmost patient safety whilst promoting least restrictive practise.

We are also onboard with the restraint reduction network as our only aim is the improved well being and recovery of the client at the earliest opportunity.

Prometheus Complex Care are highly experienced at providing care that will be therapeutic whilst maintaining safety using the agreed levels of observation, this expertise offers a consistent level of care of both the physical and mental well-being of the individual patient.

Prometheus Complex Care mandate is to work collaboratively with the engaging Trust/Council/Community Teams to ensure our ‘Complex Care Wrap Around Service’ is fully integrated into the patients care plan.



Secure Care UK is the largest national provider of secure mental health transfer services in the UK. The company provides specialist mental health services covering transportation, observation and training.

Vision: Improve the lives of vulnerable patients by providing safe and responsive nationwide mental health care.

Secure Care operates 7 NHS contracts and employs 280 staff across seven bases in the UK, providing care to over 800 patients per month. The company operates a ‘patient first’ mentality that provides measurable care from the outset. Working alongside NHS Trusts, the Police and Local Authorities, the company prides itself on enabling a safe entry point into the healthcare system and delivering a better patient at the end of the care pathway.

As you would expect we operate a 24/7 service with a control room, specialist IT and colleagues who are trained in PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression) but what makes Secure Care different from other good Secure Transport Providers?

We have worked for over 6 years with the Police, Local Authorities and NHS in Hampshire to develop a unique skill set  which saves time for front line services but also supports the system with real time data, information and insight to aid planning and better resource deployment. Since the Brighton conference we have started to provide s136 services in Hertfordshire and Sussex. We would love to discuss how we can support your force and NHS partners to deliver “Right Care, Right Person”.