Police perform a critical role in safeguarding the public in an increasingly complex crime landscape. The ability to meet these demands is key to ensuring trust and confidence across all communities. 


Policing faces a significant challenge in delivering services against a backdrop of reduced resources. This is particularly acute in crime investigation, with falling numbers of experienced detectives with appropriate levels of training and supervision.


Peel Solutions is uniquely positioned to partner with policing in successfully addressing these challenges through its transformative approach to increasing forces' capacity and capabilities.



We understand the unique challenges SIOs face, particularly in homicide and serious crime investigations. Our project leads, with prior SIO/IO experience, work alongside you to develop a shared vision and delivery plan that not only meets but exceeds your objectives.



We take full responsibility for the quality of our teams' work, ensuring that your force meets its objectives effectively. And while we provide you with experienced teams of law enforcement professionals, you maintain complete oversight and control, ensuring a transparent and accountable operation.



 We maintain a national pool of investigators skilled in areas crucial for SIOs, such as Major Incident Rooms (MIR), CCTV analysis, and disclosure. Our rigorous quality assurance ensures that you receive highly experienced teams, available for immediate deployment.


Scalability and Speed

Our teams-as-a-service model is scalable in line with your organisation’s needs and enables rapid response to surges in demand, with the ability to deploy within 24-48 hours.