For almost four decades the team at Crimewatch have been helping SIO’s get the vital information they need to solve cases. We work with every force in the UK and with around one in three cases featured leading to an arrest, it’s a partnership that we’re extremely proud of.

Crimewatch Live is the ONLY police appeals programme on UK television and it is just one of the programmes that the team currently make. We produce programmes for all terrestrial channels and streamers and cover every aspect of police work; from UCOLs tracking down paedophiles, to SIO’s using the latest digital forensics to solve homicides. Each series highlights the ground-breaking dedicated work that officers up and down the country are doing on a daily basis.

Our team has unrivalled experience of working with the police at all levels and can be trusted to treat the most sensitive of information and materials with utmost confidentiality.


To find out more about how we could work together contact:

Juliet piper  07718 120833